About Us

Innovation and tools. There are many good tools, and, some that can be better. At Intoolovation, our goal is to develop tools that improve upon their ergonomics, function, and utility. 

The owners of Intoolovation, Janet and Rafael Calvo, are artists and glazing contractors by trade. Twenty years ago they began designing and producing original leaded glass windows. And for the last 15 years, they have installed all types of specialty glass including showers, mirrors, stair railings and glass guardrails. This line of work requires the use of all sorts of hand tools. “Our passion for art, creativity, and construction also extends to having an interest in improving the tools which are used on a regular basis at jobsites and workshops,” says Rafael.

With this theme in mind, their attention was drawn to redesigning the traditional caulking gun. As glazing contractors, they use caulking guns almost every day. Caulking guns have been made to squeeze tough thick pastes. They have been produced out of composite plastics for less weight, have automatic dripless features, and other benefits. One basic improvement had not been addressed: ergonomic balance. The necessity for ergonomic balance became apparent to Rafael while standing on a ladder siliconing a newly installed glass panel. For safety reasons, he could only use one hand to hold the caulking gun. Frustrated with how difficult it was to apply the bead smoothly and evenly, he descended the ladder and exclaimed, “We have to make a better gun!” The patented Accu-Glide Caulking Gun is the result of that experience.

The Calvos’ original venture into innovation occurred years ago when they invented and patented a funnel which included a bottom portion that screwed onto a container to be filled. With this leak-proof threaded seal, a container is easily filled without spilling. You will soon find it added to the line here at Intoolovation.

Intoolovation has other tools in development, one of which is a special type of pry bar. Some time ago, while considering the extraction of a window for a client, it became evident that there was no way to extract the window intact with the existing tools available in hardware stores. In order to properly remove the window, they invented and built the pry bar the morning before the extraction. That pry bar has since been successfully tested and used at other jobsites. Other tools under consideration are an improved ratchet wrench and better screwdrivers.

Janet says, “We all use tools—every day. Some are great, others we put up with because that’s all we find at the hardware store. At Intoolvation, we want to rethink the tools we use and find ways to improve them.” Rafael adds, “We strive for elegant design, durable quality, and effective utility. As we come across other tools which can receive an Intoolvation review and redesign, we will add them to our lineup.”

Intoolovation welcomes your suggestions on any tool you would like to see improved.